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A Roman Bronze And Enamel Fly Style Cloak Brooch.
A Small Russian Hand Painted Ikon On Wood.
A Celtic Warriors Large Sword Scabbard End Chape.
A Medieval Period Large Iron Dagger.
An Alexander The Great Solid Silver Drachm Coin.
An Alexander The Great Solid Silver Tetradrachm Coin.
A Celtic Warriors Bronze Arm Ring.
A Medieval Period Iron Barrel Lock.
A Pair Of Stuart Period Iron Scissors.
A Roman Small Iron Vine Pruning Sickle Blade.
A Medieval Period Iron Arrow Head.
A Large Stuart Period Oak Polychromed Figure Of A Saint.
A Group Of Two Large Medieval Period Arrow Heads.
A Roman Lead Erotic Plack.
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A Roman Lead Erotic Plack.
A Roman Ladies Bronze And Enamel Cloak Brooch.
A Roman Bronze Axe Style Cloak Brooch.
A Roman Military Bronze And Iron Cloak Brooch.
A Large Bronze Age Socket And Loop Axe Head.
A Bronze Age Palstave Axe Head.
A Late Medieval Period Large Glazed Terracotta Dish .

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