Do you buy antiques or offer valuation services?

No, we don’t. Our dealers are not on-site and thus we only sell items. We do not offer any valuation services or buy anything from customers.

I’m looking for a specific item.  Can you source it for me?

Possibly! We have a no-obligation customer request service.  Contact us at with the details of what you are looking for. We’ll add your request to a list which is sent to all our dealers once a month.  We’ll contact you if we can find your item, for first refusal. 

Can you ship overseas?

Yes, depending on the item.  Precious metal or large/heavy items may be restricted. There are other country-specific restrictions. Contact the Centre for more information.

Is everything in the centre an antique?

In a word, we proudly say ’no’. This is because the world of 'antiques, jewellery and collectables’ is a dynamic and ever-changing one. In addition, our specialist dealers are like truffle pigs in their search for the very best items of interest. It need not be old to be fabulous.

How do I rent a cabinet?

Visit our Dealer page!

Is my transaction safe with you?

Yes, it is. We work through the secure ‘Shopify’ merchant services. Your information is totally secure.

What is your returns and refund policy?

Please see our full policy here. Don’t worry, we’re a good bunch to work with.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

You may cancel your order before it has been shipped. Once your order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled. Our returns policy will then come into effect.

How do I know that my items are genuine?

We vet our dealers for the quality and accuracy of their product descriptions. They must also comply with Trading Standards, therefore any description of an item must be known to be true. Contact us if you think otherwise, it’s a very rare occurrence.