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A Group Of Two Decorated Tudor Period Lead Bird Feeders.
An Early Stuart Period Glazed Terracotta Cup Warmer.
A Medieval Period Iron Battle Axe Head.
A Large Medieval period Iron Horse Shoe.
A Medieval Period Small Iron Packhorse Horse Shoe.
A Medieval Iron Waist Belt Buckle.
A Stuart Period Decorated Iron Casement Lock.
A Stuart Period Brass Apostle Spoon.
A King Charles 2nd Period Tinned Brass Spoon.
A Roman Restrung Set Of Lapis Lazula Beads.
A Roman Restrung Set Of Lapis Lazula Beads.
A Viking Period Silvered Bronze Openwork Neck Cross.
A Medieval Period English Iron Billhook.
A Medieval Pilgrims Lead Holy Water Ampulla.
A Danish Stone Age (Neolithic Period ) Flint Axe Head.
A Gandharan Culture Terracotta Head Of The God Buddha.
A Roman Ladies Bronze Key Ring.
A Large Bronze Age Spiral Bracelet / Arm Ring.
A Bronze Age Small Sickle Blade.
A Large Bronze Age Sword Blade.
An Early Majolica Wall Tile.

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