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A Viking Bronze Axe Neck Pendant.
A Small Anglo Saxon Decorated Bronze Buckle And Plate.
A Medieval Bronze And Silvered Purse Bar.
A Romano / Celtic Bronze And Enamel Domed Dagger Pommel.
An Anglo Saxon Gilded Bronze Belt Mount.
A Tudor Period Bronze Decorated Knife Handle.
Ancient Greek Terracotta Oil Lamp.
A Roman Greyware Terracotta Oil Lamp.
An Ancient Egyptian Terracotta Oil Lamp.
A Solid Silver Supporters Badge Of King Charles 11.
A Celtic Large Bronze Strap Junction.
A Late Roman / Byzantine Decorated Lead Mirror.
A Roman Restrung Set Of Blue Glass Beads.
A Group Of Four Medieval Iron Arrow Heads.
A Roman Restrung Set Of Lapis Lazula And Carnelian Beads.
A Scandinavian Neolithic Period Flint Axe Head.
Stone Age-Neolithic Period Large Flint Axe Head.
A Gandharan Grey Schist Carved head of Buddha.
A Gandharan Carved Sculpture Of A Seated Buddha.
Byzantine Period Terracotta Fire Grenade.
A Roman Military Bronze Crossbow Style Cloak Brooch.

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