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A Bronze Age Period Small Palstave Axe Head.
A Viking Bronze Horse Harness Cheek Piece.
A Roman Military Bronze Helmet Carrying Handle.
A Kind Charles 2nd Solid Silver Supporters Badge.
A Roman Aceica Style Decorated Bronze Cloak Brooch.
A Medium Size Bronze Age Spear Head.
A Stuart Period Tigerglaze Bellarmine Jar.
A Medieval Period Iron Spur.
A Roman Military Bronze Knee Type Cloak Brooch.
A Bronze Age Small Bronze Votive Axe Head.
A Roman Military Bronze Pelta Style Cloak Brooch.
A Roman Bronze And Enamel Fly Style Cloak Brooch.
A Small Russian Hand Painted Ikon On Wood.
A Celtic Warriors Large Sword Scabbard End Chape.

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