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A Large Roman military Bronze War Chariot Terret Ring.
A Roman Bronze Military Helmet Carrying Handle.
A Tudor Period Bronze / Bell Metal Mortar.
An English Iron Rush Light.
Sale price£350
An English Iron Rush Light.
A Roman Bronze Rams Head Patera Handle.
An Ancient Chinese Sung Dynasty Shipwreck Jar.
A Stuart Period Pricker.
Sale price£195
A Stuart Period Pricker.
A Large Ancient Chinese Ming Dynasty Attendant Figure.
An Ancient Chinese Horse And Rider Figure.
A Large Saltglaze Bacuss Jar.
A Large Medieval  Period Shipwreck Dish..
A Massive Bronze Roman War Chariot Mount.
A Decorated Bronze Celtic Neck Torc.
An Ancient Chinese Shipwreck Bowl.
A Roman Military Artillery Plumbata
An Ancient Chinese Porcelain Shipwreck Dish.
Ancient Chinese Bowl
Sale price£110
Ancient Chinese Bowl

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