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Pedigree Hard Plastic Doll “Mary Lou” 1953 21”
Hard Plastic Walker Doll 1950’s 20”
Vintage Pedigree Scottish Boy Doll 1950’s 7”
Vintage Rosebud Doll Vinyl 1960’s 14”
Vintage Rogaric Doll Hard Plastic. Original Wig 6”
Roddy Doll. Vinyl. 1960’s. 13”
Vintage Baby Doll. Vinyl.1960’s. 11”
Vintage Roddy Black Doll in party dress 1960’s. 12”
Vintage Palitoy Baby Doll. 1960’s. 12”
Vintage Novelty Poodle Dog With Radio A/F
Vintage Panda Bear. Jointed legs. 12”
Hamarc Teddy Bear. Plush. Jointed. 12”
Roddy Mini Baby Doll 1950’s.
Vintage Small Bisque Doll. Jointed Arms. 4.5”
Large German Composition Doll HW6A. 19”
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Large German Composition Doll HW6A. 19”
Vintage Roddy Doll Hard Plastic 1950’s 7”

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