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Beswick Collie dog “Lochinvar of Ladypark”. Large.
Beswick Palomino Horse Model No H259
Beswick Guernsey Calf.
Sale price£65
Beswick Guernsey Calf.
Beswick Mr Jeremy Fisher Beatrix Potter figurine.
Beswick Friesian Calf.
Sale price£55
Beswick Friesian Calf.
Beswick Mr Jackson Beatrix Potter figurine.
Beswick Aunt Pettitoes Beatrix Potter figurine.
Beswick Fierce Bad Rabbit Beatrix Potter figurine.
Beswick Appaloosa Pony Model No 1516
Beswick Spirit Of The Wind Horse Model No 2688
Beswick Large Fox Model No 1016A
Beswick Rare Breeds Shetland Cow Model No 4112
Beswick Small Foal stretched legs facing left.
Beswick Bird - Kingfisher Model No 2371
Beswick Cocker Spaniel Dogs Model No 3383
Beswick Arab Foal.
Sale price£18
Beswick Arab Foal.
Beswick Foal Head Down.
Sale price£20
Beswick Foal Head Down.
Beswick Fox. Large version.
Beswick Airedale dog. Large version.
Beswick Pigeon Bird Grey 1383
Beswick Pigeon Bird 1383 Red in colour
Beswick Large Pheasant 1225B
Beswick Hackney Horse Black Gloss

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