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East German Army Officers Dagger c/w hanging straps
French early 18th Century Hunting Hanger (short sword)
British 1856 Pattern Sword Bayonet
British Fairburn-Sykes 2nd Pattern Commando Knife
English Percussion Pocket Pistol by Richardson c1840
Swedish Model 1896 Bayonet
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Swedish Model 1896 Bayonet
South African Zulu Knobkerrie war club 19th century
South African Zulu Knobkerrie
Nepalese Ghurka Fighting Kukri
Prussian Sappers Sidearm / Short sword c 1840.
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Prussian Sappers Sidearm / Short sword c 1840.
French 'OPINEL' No 8 Carbone Folding Pocket Knife
French 'OPINEL No 7, folding pocket knife
French 'OPINEL' No 6, Carbone Pocket Knife
Chinese Jian Sword Qing Dynasty
French Minature 1822 Pattern Sword
Teak Paper Knife from H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 1915

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