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SOLD. Rare 16th-17th century Indo-Persian chain mail Coif
Burmese Dha with ivory hilt, late 18th century.
Burmese 'DHA' knife 19th century with horn shoe/chape.
Indonesian 'OPI' knife with finely carved scabbard.
SOLD. Dyak Mandau 'Headhunters' Sword from Borneo
Balinese Kris of exceptional carved quality
SOLD Russian Army Officers Dagger
SOLD. A Japanese Shinto Wakizashi, Edo period (1603-1780)
Rare British 1856 Pattern Pioneers' Sidearm / Short Sword
British 1796 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Officers' Sword
Ancient Buddhist/Hindu Bronze Ceremonial Sword
Rare Japanese Ky-Gunto Naval Officer's Sword.

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