Beautiful antique toile de jouy Cotton Panel - 11”/80”
Beautiful antique toile de jouy Cotton Panel - 11”/80”
Beautiful antique toile de jouy Cotton Panel - 11”/80”
Beautiful antique toile de jouy Cotton Panel - 11”/80”
Beautiful antique toile de jouy Cotton Panel - 11”/80”
Beautiful antique toile de jouy Cotton Panel - 11”/80”
Beautiful antique toile de jouy Cotton Panel - 11”/80”
Beautiful antique toile de jouy Cotton Panel - 11”/80”

Beautiful antique toile de jouy Cotton Panel - 11”/80”

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Beautiful panel antique French Toile de Jouy fabric that dates from the mid 1800s.



 Copperplate engraving of the highest quality.

The colour obtained from the Madder root, the processes involved in the manufacture of these wonderful textiles made them the preserve of the rich 

18th Century French lovely wide valance panel of block printed Toile 


The panel has a scalloped lower edge It is backed with another toile and is handmade

Hand quilted

 Stunning French toile de Jouy fabric and reversible toile fabric quilted panel all hand quilted


Antique c1800s toile de jouy quilted pAnel lined with toile extremely beautiful featuring period design...gorgeous piece


a Readymade valance panel 

 toile de jouy 18ieme for sale 


96cms wide x 52cms drop




The valance works horizontally with the deep claret red toile and vertically with the paler raspberry bee hives Swiss chalet design

Very rare

This lovely textile toile was printed in France. It appears to have been printed using roller printing techniques.   the toile fabric was produced late 18 century ~*~  . This pelmet is hand quilted and has a light cotton batting between the front and back layers. This pelmet was created to use as part of a bedding set and appears to have been the outer pelmet at the base of the bed.  

The bottom is scalloped. Lovely for any textile collection! 



CONDITION:  This piece is in lovely condition for its age. There are some small storage marks a couple of holes , but generally in lovely condition....good condition commensurate with age

~*~ ~ an absolutely charming antique French fabric dating c1800

a superb panel.

~This textile was once used in a french Chateau,maison bourgeoise

Antique c1800 french reversible toile de jouy quilted pelmet 2 sides red with griffins and butterflies excellent condition reverse with Swiss style chalet and bee 🐝 hives beautiful rare example 


96/52cms approx for sale red side excellent condition the pink side couple of small holes


Condition is good for its age.  *~ ~*~ ~*~ 

This panel looks fantastic....dans son jus,a good honest item more than 200 years old rescued from a chateau in the south west of France.

Very difficult to show its true beauty in these photographs....


ideal for projects....beautiful colourway


 ~*~ ~ an absolutely charming antique French fabric 


A genuine period antique toile ideal for use.


LOVELY for hanging, or would be gorgeous used for any projects 


Please see above and photographs for condition details. Lovely! ~*~


Condition is good ....commensurate with age marks etc....refer to numerous photos for its age.

A little damage when removed from window refer to photos ...some slight marks or stains.....Lovely motifs.

Wonderful display pieces as is or dismantled and used as single pieces

A stunning piece of art

all issues reflected in asking price

A lovely piece suitable for framing,pillow, lightly quilted with a thin batting, superb period images

Stunning imagery

'Cest de la toile de Jouy, non , de Beautiran, ville proche de Bordeaux, les manufactures la fabriquaient pour des grands marchands...d'esclaves, c'était une monnaie d'échange, voila pour la petit histoire.

 dâtent du 18 iem... avec de superbes dessin


The panel shows the quilting stitches from its previous life.... 

In good commensurate with age condition

A genuine period toile confection for any archive collection or period display

Au XVIIIe siècle, on raffole des toiles imprimées, dites « à l’indienne », qui à la fin de ce siècle représentent souvent des scènes pastorales ou champêtres. Elles sont destinées à l’ornementation des demeures, et utilisées pour la confection de tentures ou de lits dits « à cretonne

Généralement connues sous le nom de toiles de Jouy, elles peuvent en réalité provenir d’autre manufactures : à Nantes, elles sont produites dans les manufactures Dubern, Gorgerat, Petitpierre et Favre ; à Beautiran, commune voisine, la manufacture Meilier en fabrique elle aussi ; à Jouy, c’est la fameuse manufacture Oberkampf qui réalise ces toiles.

De nombreux artistes peignent des cartons, ou modèles, qui sont reproduits sur le tissu. Les plus célèbres sont Huet, Pillement, Greuze, Vernet...


CONDITION: This gorgeous panel is in as found ~ refer to the multiple photos 

good condition considering its age some fading rubbing to binding 

 Ideal for a stunning display ,reworkingnlarge photos for detail.

Very difficult to show true beauty in these photographs..

A stunning piece of exquisite historical quality

I have more photos available should you like to see them