Tom Merren: Nude reading

Tom Merren: Nude reading

reference no 30-17F021

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This bronze sculpture is of a nude, sitting on a stump, reading. The piece is by Tom Merren.

We know little about Tom. We believe he was a mathematics professor who sculpted as a pastime, producing the work, including doing his own casting, in his garden shed. Other pieces we have of his have the intriguing titles of "Newtons 3rd law of motion" and "The quadrupole mass spectrometer". If you know any more about Tom we would love to hear from you.

Apart from the artist's signature in the casting, there is nothing else to indicate whether it is a limited edition or not, or even a one off. There is also a label bearing Tom's name on the base.

This is a solid hot cast bronze sculpture using the lost wax process.

The sculpture stands approximately 12 cm (4.75") high, including the wood turned base.